Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to cook Tasty, No-stick brown rice in an exceedingly Rice cooker

The big trend in healthy ingestion is to travel for whole-grain, high-fiber, less-processed food. rice fits all 3 of these bills. If you are solely accustomed getting ready white (polished) rice, you'll have to create many minor changes to your preparation habits for rice.

 1.     Spray your rice cookware pot with a non-stick preparation spray. This works wonders at keeping your rice from projected and burning.
 2.     Add your rice and water. whereas the everyday rice-to-water magnitude relation for polished rice is one half rice to 2 elements water, rice works higher if you go together with one half rice to 2 and a half elements water.

3.     Add salt to style (1 or a pair of teaspoons per four cups of rice).
4.     On a chopping board, press the flat fringe of a knife onto a clove of garlic to squash it. take away and discard the papery skin and drop the smashed clove into the cookware.
5.     Add oil, regarding one tablespoon per four cups of rice.
6.     Cover the pot and switch on the cookware. Expect rice to require alittle longer to cook than polished rice (about thirty to forty minutes rather than 20).